mental health

Open hearing on Oakden

The harrowing and courageous testimony of the family members of former Oakden patients to a Senate Committee yesterday highlights why ICAC hearings into the operation of the disgraced facility should be conducted in public.

Supporting People Living With BPD

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will provide $10 million funding over four years to establish a specialist statewide BPD Service for at-risk clients, that will include a focus on new mothers, their babies and young people.

Borderline Personality Disorder

The State Liberals will assist South Australians struggling with borderline personality disorder (BPD) by establishing a specialist statewide BPD Service if elected to office in March 2018.

Open Oakden hearings blocked

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has slammed a culture of secrecy that saw the Weatherill Labor Government and the Independents block legislation to provide the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption with the power to hold public hearings into the Oakden scandal.

Vote of no confidence in Weatherill Government

The resignation of Chief Psychiatrist Aaron Groves, seven weeks after his damning report on Oakden was released, is a vote of no confidence in Minister Vlahos’ plan and her capacity to deliver positive change.

Northgate not suitable as base for severe dementia patients

The State Liberals are demanding that the Weatherill Government’s upcoming State Budget commit funding for the establishment of a purpose-built facility to care for elderly dementia patients in line with the recommendations of the Oakden Report.

Labor’s decade of neglect exposed

The revelation that the State Labor Government received a damning report from a psychologist in 2008 detailing shocking treatment of patients at the disgraced Oakden nursing home highlights just how deep the culture of cover-up runs under the Weatherill Government.

Vlahos fails Oakden patients again

The State Liberals have described the botched closure of Makk and McLeay wards at the disgraced Oakden facility as further evidence Minister Vlahos is simply not up to the job.

Culture of cover-up exposed again

The State Liberals have released a letter from the Principal Community Visitor Maurice Corcoran to Mental Health Minister Leesa Vlahos calling for an independent inquiry into Oakden in October last year, three months before the Minister eventually appointed the Chief Psychiatrist to conduct a review.

Culture of cover-up starts with the Minister

During the past two weeks the State Liberals have asked hundreds of questions in Parliament about the Oakden scandal but the Weatherill Government has stonewalled on the answers.