20% outpatient cut at the nRAH

The State Liberals have blamed the dangerous exclusion of clinicians from planning for a 20% cut in outpatient services at the $2.3 billion nRAH.

“It is extraordinary that the Weatherill Government has constructed the world’s most expensive hospital with outpatient facilities so poorly designed that they are not fit for purpose,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“SA Health CEO Vickie Kaminski’s revelation on ABC radio this morning that there is a 20% cut in outpatient services is yet another case of sheer incompetence by the Weatherill Government.

“The Weatherill Government is planning to open the nRAH on September 5th yet doesn’t know how it will cope with this massive overflow of outpatient work.

“Vickie Kaminski’s musing that the Chest Clinic, TQEH or a GP clinic are options for treating outpatients from the nRAH illustrate how chaotic this project has become.

“What is certain is that as a result of the Weatherill Government’s incompetence patients will receive sub-optimal care and taxpayers are going to pay the bill to fix the mess.

“This massive planning stuff-up also flies in the face of Minister Snelling’s that the planning for the nRAH has been clinician driven.

“In fact the exclusion of the clinicians from the process prompted 14 Departmental Heads to co-signed a letter detailing their deep concerns for patient safety as a consequence of this planning debacle.”

The Departmental Heads warn of

  • poor patient care and outcomes
  • higher rates of admission and readmission to the hospital and to increased lengths of stay
  • staff dissatisfaction and burn-out
  • stifling of ongoing practice reform
  • inability to train the future health workforce