‘Facts about Modbury Hospital’ … really?

The State Liberals have accused the Labor Member for Florey Frances Bedford of peddling Government propaganda in a recent pamphlet rather than addressing local concerns about the future of Modbury Hospital.

 “In a classic case of political spin, Ms Bedford’s pamphlet ‘Facts about Modbury Hospital’ fails to answer basic questions electors are asking such as ‘what services will be available at Modbury in the future?’  The pamphlet merely lists the services currently being provided with no undertakings about future services,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“Ms Bedford’s leaves unanswered predictions from health professionals that the Weatherill Government’s plans will mean that a range of surgical services currently available at Modbury will stop.

“It says that the Emergency Department will be open 24/7 but fails to address local concern at the proposal that patients will be diverted past Modbury if their issue is life-threatening.

“Ms Bedford’s pamphlet gives the misleading impression that nothing is changing at Modbury Hospital as a result of the Weatherill Government’s Transforming Health agenda.

“Nowhere does Ms Bedford’s pamphlet explain that Labor’s plan is to transfer rehabilitation services from Hampstead and establish a specialist eye centre at Modbury which will displace other surgical services that are currently provided.

“The fact is Labor’s plans to slash the health budget are likely to see the end of General Surgery; Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery; Gynaecology/Colposcopy; Orthopedics/Fracture; Plastics and Urology at Modbury.

“Further, the downgrade of Modbury’s Emergency Department to a second class service and the redirection of a significant portion of its emergency caseload to the Lyell McEwin and Royal Adelaide Hospitals will drastically undermine Modbury’s long-term viability as a hospital.

“At present Modbury Hospital’s Emergency Department handles over 35,000 presentations a year and more than 11,000 of these people are then admitted to the hospital.

“Labor’s plan to divert serious emergencies to Elizabeth and Adelaide will result in a massive reduction in the total hospital admissions to Modbury.

“The downgrading of Modbury’s Emergency Department to a second class service will place enormous pressure on the viability of acute care services at Modbury Hospital.

“With critical patients bypassing Modbury to go to seriously overcrowded mega-EDs, Modbury’s Acute Medical Wards could eventually not have enough admissions to be sustainable.

“At that point Modbury will no longer be the hospital the community knows and deserves,” Shadow Health Minister, Stephen Wade said