Code White for Transforming Health

The crisis in Adelaide’s Emergency Departments yesterday shows that South Australians cannot risk the Weatherill Government’s plans to close or cut half of Adelaide's Emergency Departments.

 “The three hospitals proposed to have Super ED’s were all over capacity at 3.30pm yesterday and that’s before the Weatherill Government implements plans to re-direct tens of thousands of South Australians to those hospitals,” said Shadow Minister Stephen Wade.

“The Noarlunga ED is the best performing of Adelaide’s overcrowded Emergency Departments and the only one which had spare capacity for patients yesterday yet it is being closed and patients shunted onto the Flinders Medical Centre where ramping is a constant problem.

"Four years ago Labor said it would stop ramping at Flinders Medical Centre. Six months ago, Minister Snelling blamed overcrowding on the flu. Now, Labor expects us to trust them that cutting half of our Emergency Departments will improve outcomes.

“South Australians will have to drive further, wait longer and be at increased risk as a result of the Weatherill Government’s plans to downgrade Emergency Department services across Adelaide.”

“Health professionals have strongly criticised Labor's latest plan for Emergency Departments.

“The Weatherill Government needs to push the reset button and properly engage the community and health professionals in the development of a new plan.”