Culture of coverup continues

The State Liberals today claimed that events at Lyell McEwin Hospital show that the entrenched culture of coverup in SA Health will only change when the government changes.

Revelations that the Lyell McEwin Hospital waited 4 days to alert the families of infants potentially affected by a baby bottle washer being incorrectly connected to a descaler highlights the need for a new broom.

“It is outrageous that the parents of the infants affected were not notified immediately,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“Minister for Health Peter Malinauskas needs to reveal when he first became aware of the bungle and why there was a delay in revealing the mistake.

“The Weatherill Labor Government is incapable of learning from its past mistakes.

“If I’m fortunate enough to be the Minister for Health in a Marshall Liberal Government I will be demanding an open and transparent approach to mistakes in the health system.

“The welfare of patients, not the public image of the organisation, will be at the centre a Marshall Government’s health system.”