Emergency doctors raise alarm on Snelling’s plan

The Australian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) is the latest group of health professionals to speak up against the Weatherill Government’s radical health cuts plan: Transforming Health.

ACEM has delivered a withering critique of the implementation of Transforming Health: Too many changes occurring with little or no consultation have left emergency doctors bewildered and frustrated as Adelaide’s Hospital Networks rush to implement Transforming Health initiatives.

ACEM also states: Hospital service changes are occurring too fast to ensure they are implemented in a safe and organised way.

“Once again Jack Snelling is being warned by medical professionals on the front line that his radical health cuts are putting patient safety at risk,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“The Minister must immediately postpone the closure of surgical services at Modbury Hospital and go back to the drawing board on his plan.

“ACEM - the college representing our emergency department - joins the AMA, SASMOA and the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) in publicly condemning Transforming Health.

“The Minister has no option but to abandon his health cuts and begin genuine consultation with medical professionals as to how South Australia’s hospital system can deliver better patient care.

“The opposition of the four peak doctors associations demolishes the Minister’s foolish claim that Transforming Health is overwhelming supported by clinicians.

“It would be fundamentally reckless for the Health Minister to press on with Transforming Health in the face clear warnings from the AMA, SASMOA, ACEM and RCS, all of whom oppose fundamental aspects of his plan.

“Minister Snelling is assuming full responsibility for this reckless plan: the community has made clear that it has no confidence in his plan, medical experts say that it is a risk to patient safety, even the head of his political party opposes key elements of his plan