Groundhog Day: EPAS failure and nRAH legal threat

The State Liberals are deeply concerned at the potential risks to South Australians from Labor’s controversial electronic patient record system (EPAS) and the latest legal stoush engulfing the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH).

“Minister Snelling needs to take urgent action to make EPAS safe. With one in five clinicians reporting adverse patient outcomes from EPAS four years after it was launched, this is not a case of a program needing a tune-up. EPAS is a world-class dud,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“If elected to government at the March state election the Liberal Party will immediately halt the rollout of EPAS to new sites while an independent review accesses all options, including sending EPAS to the wreckers.”

The Opposition understands that EPAS is part of the case against the Government in multi-million dollar legal proceedings launched in the Federal Court.

“Jack Snelling needs to be up front with South Australians about the nature of the legal dispute and the potential financial impact upon taxpayers,” said Mr Wade.

“When EPAS was first approved it was scheduled to cost just $220m, to date the total project cost has blown out to $422 million.

“The reason why the Labor Government entered a public private partnership for the nRAH was to protect taxpayers from cost blow-outs but all we seem to have achieved is a legal quagmire.

“The fact the Weatherill Government is ensnared in another legal action despite the fact the hospital is now 17 months overdue and $640 million over budget indicates the contract is flawed.

“Minister Snelling needs to explain why the nRAH still isn’t open despite the fact his Government paid the consortium an extra $68.6 million of taxpayers’ money in September 2015 to guarantee ‘certainty’ about the completion of the project.

“What was this money for and why are taxpayers’ still at risk of even greater financial penalties.”