Halt Transforming Health until nRAH is open

The State Liberals are demanding the Weatherill Government suspends its high risk Transforming Health program until the new Royal Adelaide hospital (nRAH) is open and operating well.

Public documents explaining Transforming Health are categorical – The new Royal Adelaide Hospital, …, is central to Transforming Health and the South Australian health system.

"The fact there is no certainty regarding the likely opening date of the hospital and given the Weatherill Government and SA Health Partnerships are locked in a bitter legal dispute the only reasonable course of action is to suspend the implementation of Transforming Health," said Shadow minister for Health Stephen Wade.

"Pushing on with Transforming Health without access to the nRAH is reckless and dangerous.

"Labor Federal Member for Port Adelaide Mark Butler has written to Health Minister Jack Snelling calling for the TQEH component of Transforming Health to be suspended until the nRAH is open and functioning well.

"Today’s Supreme Court hearing highlights just how badly the Weatherill Government has handled the nRAH project and the importance of suspending Transforming Health until the mess is sorted out.

"Two years ago the Weatherill Government paid the private consortium building the hospital $68.6 million in a legal settlement to guarantee ‘certainty’ about the completion of the project.

"Today the hospital is more than seven months beyond its original completion date, $640 million over budget and the Weatherill Government is in court fighting with SA Health Partnerships about who will pay for the raft of problems that have plagued the project."