Healing health services in the south

A Marshall Liberal Government will undo damage inflicted on Noarlunga Hospital by Labor’s disastrous Transforming Health policy as part of a wider plan to restore vital hospital services across Adelaide.

“A Liberal Government will establish a 12-bed acute medical ward at Noarlunga Hospital, with the capacity to expand to 15 beds as demand requires”, said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“This commitment to Noarlunga Hospital is part of a strategic re-investment in the hospitals that bore the brunt of Labor’s savage Transforming Health cuts - Noarlunga, The Queen Elizabeth and Modbury Hospitals.  

“Once again general patients will be able to be admitted to Noarlunga Hospital.

“Extending the period of admission at Noarlunga to three days will allow a broader range of patients to access procedures currently available at the hospital and enable clinicians to treat more of the people who present to its Emergency Department.

“Under a Marshall Liberal Government the new SALHN Board will reassess the range of services delivered across the Southern region with the aim of increasing local access to low and medium complex health services.

“This could include cataract surgery, palliative care and more colonoscopies at the Noarlunga site. 

“A key goal of this policy is to make it easier for people with vision and mobility impairment to access services near where they live.”

A new Women’s and Children’s Health Hub will be established in the Noarlunga Hospital and precinct to:

  • Increase paediatric clinics;
  • Deliver more antenatal education and clinical care; and
  • Provide more gynaecological surgery.

 A Marshall Liberal Government will also assess the feasibility of basing a community midwifery service for the South at Noarlunga.

The viability of re-establishing a private hospital at Noarlunga and the value of using fee-for-service models will be considered.