Labor plays politics while hospital crisis continues

The State Liberals are demanding the Premier and Health Minister focus on solving South Australia’s health crisis as opposed to concentrating on Labor’s political problems.

“As Adelaide’s hospital emergency continues through a second week, the Premier and the Health Minister are focusing on Labor’s preselection mess rather than on getting our health system back from the brink,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“The hospital they toured today, Modbury Hospital, and its sister hospital, the Lyell McEwin, have been operating under an internal emergency declaration (Code Yellow) this week, which saw ambulances diverted away from the hospital.

“What steps has the Premier taken to end the Code Yellow in the Northern Hospital system?

“The Lyell McEwin Hospital Emergency Department has been operating at or overcapacity for every hour of the last 24 hours – 9 hours on code white.

“Modbury Hospital’s Emergency Department has been overcapacity for 13 hours in the last 24 hours.

“Since the hospital emergency plan was announced, two Labor health ministers resigned yet both the Premier and the Minister have confirmed that Labor isn’t changing its direction.

“The Weatherill Government should immediately take up the Liberal plan announced this week to reinstate the High Dependency Unit that Labor closed at Modbury and expand the range of surgery done at Modbury. This would ease the pressure on both hospitals.

“Threatened by a maverick Labor MP and a positive Liberal plan for Modbury Hospital, the best Labor can do is announce a review.

“Tom Kenyon, Labor Member for Newland, should join with Frances Bedford and demand the reinstatement of a High Dependency Unit.

“For almost three years, Labor has been bulldozing through its Transforming Health agenda – failing to engage the community and the clinicians.

“The issue now is when will Premier Weatherill and Minister Malinauskas act to deal with the hospital emergency that their Government has created?”