Labor’s State of Denial is a Risk to Health

The Weatherill Government is in a state of denial on the impact of its budget cuts on emergency care.

Today’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report (AIHW) report on Australia’s hospitals 2014-15 shows the performance of South Australia’s Emergency Departments is the worst of all Australian States and getting worse by the year.

Labor’s absurd response is to argue that downgrading three Adelaide EDs will make things better.

Labor is trying to spin the statistics but recent events underscore the reality:

On Monday at 2pm, there were 53 more patients at our ED’s than places to treat them, and 16 mental health patients were waiting for a bed.

Today Flinders has been operating overcapacity for 15 of the past 24 hours.

Last week, the Lyell McEwin Emergency Department operated overcapacity non-stop for more than three days.

Ambulance officers are taking industrial action over ramping at Eds.

“The situation will only get worse when the Weatherill Government completes its downgrades of emergency care provided at TQEH, Modbury and Noarlunga Hospitals. Our emergency department network can’t cope with the level of demand now,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“In terms of ED presentations seen on time, we are the worst performing State – just 66 per cent of emergency cases are seen on time compared with the national average of 74 per cent.

“In the past three years the percentage of South Australians seen on time in an Emergency Department declined by a disturbing 10 per cent.”

Public Hospital Emergency Department Presentations


Seen on time in 2014-15

Change over 3 years in seen on time

New South Wales









Western Australia



South Australia






National Average