Labor’s Women’s and Children’s nursery rhyme

The State Liberals are warning South Australians that the Weatherill Government’s imminent announcement of a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital is more political fantasy from a government addicted to re-announcements.

“In the lead-up to the 2104 State Election Jay Weatherill promised to build a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital within a decade,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“43 months later there are no plans, no expressions of interest, no money in the forward budgets and no chance of the Weatherill Government delivering a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital by 2022, as promised.

“Indeed in 2015 as part of Transforming Health, Labor promised to bring forward the construction of a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital. That promise is now as discredited as Transforming Health.

“What South Australians are about to get is another announcement from a Labor Government that treats election promises as a disposable product.

“The Weatherill Government genuinely believes people are mugs and happily breaks election promises at will.”

Labor promised to ‘never ever’ close the Repat – it will shut in November;

Labor promised a TQEH development in 2010 and 2014 – it has not been delivered;

Since the 2014 election, Labor has slashed its promised investment in Noarlunga Hospital by two thirds.

“The public needs to take the Weatherill’s Government’s costings and timeline for a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital with a grain of salt,” said Mr Wade.

“The new Royal Adelaide Hospital was originally promised to cost $1.7 billion and open in April 2016.

“As of today the nRAH has cost $2.43 billion dollars and won’t open until September at the very earliest – 17 months late.

“The nRAH’s $730 million cost blow-out could have paid for a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital and kept the Repat running for another decade.”