Liberals call for judicial inquiry into patient records

The latest breach of patient confidentiality leaves the Weatherill Government no alternative but to establish a judicial inquiry into its scandal plagued patient record management.  

“In the recent past we have had clinicians accessing private medical records, hospital management tampering with patient records and chemotherapy patients receiving the wrong treatment as a result of corrupted patient protocols,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Add the fact that the ancient patient record system in regional South Australian hospitals is ripe for computer hackers and there is no question that the patient record system needs a complete overhaul.”

Global Health CEO Matthew Cherian said of Chiron:

It is unrealistic to expect that 25 year-old software without appropriate upgrades can cope with today’s complexity and the increasing vulnerability of ‘connectivity’ in this age of ever-increasing malicious attacks by hackers often for criminal activity such as identify theft, blackmail or other financial gain.

“The Weatherill Government needs to face the fact that the culture, governance and management of patient records in South Australia is woefully inadequate,” said Mr Marshall.

“The judicial inquiry needs to look at how the latest breach of patient records became public.

“The Weatherill Government has shown itself to be secretive and evasive.

“Once again it appears that the Weatherill Government had no intention of informing the public of a serious breach of patient records.

“That is simply not good enough.”