Lyell McEwin doctors join revolt against health cuts

Emergency Department doctors at the Lyell McEwin have joined the unprecedented revolt of public hospital doctors against the Weatherill Government’s plans to cut services at Modbury Hospital.

19 Lyell McEwin Emergency Department Staff Specialist have warned Health Minister Jack Snelling of their fears:

the ‘service plan’ will result in poorer patient outcomes to the point of potentially avoidable deaths;

that Modbury hospital will no longer have the necessary services and facilities to safely deliver medical care and there will be a resultant overloading and overcrowding of facilities at the Lyell McEwin hospital; and

Extra trauma cases, which usually present after hours, are likely to overwhelm LMH ED and orthopaedic services.

“Jack Snelling needs to take his head out of the sand and heed the multiple warnings he has received that his health cuts plan will reduce patient care in our public hospitals and cost lives,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“Just today the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Physicians have also gone public about their grave concerns for patient health at Modbury Hospital after these budget cuts.

“Last month the Modbury Hospital Consultant Medical Specialist Group signed an open letter stating:

We … believe that these changes will result in increased risks to our patients, in terms of lack of accessibility to expected (current) levels of care, delays in treatment….

“The Weatherill Government refusal to heed the repeated warnings from the medical staff working at the frontline of our hospital system is a monumental act of stupidity,” Mr Wade said.

“A doctor’s principal ethical imperative is to do no harm – that is the duty of the Health Minister as well.”