Major default in providing information

The State Liberals are demanding that Health Minister Jack Snelling reveal when the new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be handed over.


On the 5th of April Minister Snelling issued South Australian Health Partnership (SAHP) with a major default notice and stated ‘the key issue we need to have addressed as soon as possible is for SAHP to provide us with a realistic date for Technical Completion.’


“Minister Snelling needs to reveal what date has been provided by SAHP for technical completion, when the hospital will admit its first patients and what action he will take if SAHP fails to deliver,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.


“Minister Snelling needs to explain why, six weeks after issuing a public ultimatum to SAHP, South Australians are none the wiser as to when the long delayed and massively over budget hospital will be delivered?


“The bizarre state of uncertainty is an indictment of the Weatherill Government’s mismanagement of the project.


“The Weatherill Government paid the consortium an extra $68.6 million of taxpayers’ money in a settlement only last September which was meant to guarantee ‘certainty’ about the completion of the project.


“The Weatherill Government claimed that its financing model would protect taxpayers from cost blow-outs and delays, instead the project is heading for at least a nine month delay.


“After all the delays and cost blow-outs on this project the Health Minister should have been all over this project - yet again he is flying blind and the project is out of control.


“It is farcical that taxpayers are being left to carry the $640 million burden of the Weatherill Government’s mismanagement. 


“South Australian taxpayers have invested enough money into this project for it to have been delivered on time and on budget.”