Modbury Hospital lined up for more downgrades

The Weatherill Labor Government is lining Modbury Hospital up for further downgrades, while Jack Snelling lines himself up for the seat of Florey.

Almost 12 months after the first major downgrade, the ongoing viability of the Hospital is further undermined by proposed changes to medical emergency response.

Under Jack Snelling, the major downgrade was implemented 12 months ago – the Hospital lost the capacity to perform emergency surgery, two-thirds of its medical beds and its High Dependency Unit.

The inpatient Medical Emergency Team (MET) which was originally run by the Intensive Care Unit staff is to be changed under a SA Health proposal. In a discussion paper, SA Health says that its preferred option is for Emergency Department staff at Modbury Hospital to take over the hospital emergency call out role (MET) with no extra resources.

“The proposal has been met with a wall of protest from Modbury emergency physicians, who already work in a more risky environment since the first downgrade”, said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade.

“The number of patients who attend Modbury ED has not changed significantly, and SA Health acknowledges that cases seen by the ED are more complex, not less.

“Around 10% of presentations are forced to wait longer as they now need to be transferred to overcrowded hospitals to be admitted.

“The MET team is called out on a daily basis at Modbury. To plan for senior ED staff to leave their patients in an Emergency Department and be busy for hours in a separate building is outrageous and dangerous.

“The fact that Labor is struggling to maintain a downgraded hospital with a downgraded ED is raising real concerns that after the next election, a Labor Government would remove the remaining acute services from Modbury.

“Labor’s slow strangle of Modbury Hospital is a strong issue of concern in Florey and the region and the electors of Florey will only vote for a candidate who will stand up for Modbury Hospital – not the architect of its demise”.