New Minister but ‘Demolition as Usual’ for Repat

Health Minister Peter Malinauskas has made it clear that he is as reckless as Jack Snelling as he bulldozes ahead with the closure of the Repat Hospital.

When he was appointed the Minister he indicated that the timing of the closure would be revisited but the volunteer café closes next Wednesday and demolition is planned within a fortnight later.

The closure of key wards is still planned for the week of 16 October.

“Labor said it would never, ever close the Repat. The closure of the Repat will go down as one of the most disgraceful broken promises of the Weatherill Labor Government,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“It also threatens to put the hospital system under more stress.

“The hospital network is still recovering from the hospital overcrowding emergency brought on by the Government’s political decision to move the RAH at the height of the flu season.

“As a direct result, the elective surgery waiting list has blown out with almost 1100 patients overdue on the list.

“The Repat is a key elective surgery hub. Now of all times, our hospitals cannot afford to do without it.

“Our southern hospitals have already been threatened with industrial action and yesterday were hit with the news that the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network CEO is standing down next month.

“Minister Malinauskas is showing that, like Jack Snelling before him, he is willing to put staff and patients under stress to push ahead with the Government’s politically inspired timeframes.

“The Repat should not be a victim of leadership instability at the ministerial and bureaucratic levels in health.

“It’s not too late for the Minister for Health to swallow his pride and backflip on the Repat closure, just as the Weatherill Government has done with other aspects of its disastrous Transforming Health cuts.”