nRAH certified out of date

The State Liberals claim that the 17 month delay in the opening of the hospital will mean significant additional cost in expired certificates and warranties.

The State Liberals have released photographs showing that hospital equipment in patient rooms at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital is already out of certification.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling needs to order a complete audit of all equipment in the nRAH to ensure it is properly certified before the hospital begins accepting patients in September,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“The source of the photographs said that of the three patient rooms they accessed, two of them had uncertified equipment, indicating that there is an enormous backlog of certification of equipment in the hospital.

“Both items of equipment ran out of certification in March this 2017 having been certified in March 2016.

“The 18 month delay in opening the nRAH has obviously resulted in a range of regular maintenance being deferred and it is important that the hospital’s equipment is subject to a thorough assessment well before patients are scheduled to arrive.

“The audit should also calculate what impact the delay in opening the nRAH has had upon the warranty of the equipment installed in anticipation of an earlier opening date.

“A parliamentary committee was told last year that the Government tried to procure equipment as late as possible to minimise the ‘chew-in’ into their warranty period, because a warranty starts from when it's installed. (Duncan Jewell, SAHP – Budget and Finance - Monday, 23 November 2015, 10:35am)

“With South Australians paying over a million dollars a day for an empty hospital it is important we get a proper understanding of the full costs of the long delayed hospital.

“The additional $90 million that South Australian taxpayers will pay out while the nRAH sits empty until September pushes the total cost overrun on the nRAH to at least $730 million and counting.”