Parliamentary spotlight on Vlahos

The State Liberals today warned that they are determined to use Parliament this week to do what the Premier refuses to do – hold embattled Mental Health Minister Leesa Vlahos accountable for her failures in relation to Oakden Older Person’s Mental Health facility.

Today, State Parliament sits for the first time since the release of the Chief Psychiatrist’s report.

“Minister Vlahos may have planned that the issue would have blown over by now, but three weeks after publicly releasing the report, the unanswered questions are mounting by the day”, said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“Failing to read the Chief Psychiatrist’s report as soon as it became available, compounded her failure to act on warnings of abuse of residents at Oakden.

“It meant she was incapable of answering even the most basic questions about the scandal the last time State Parliament sat.

“Minister Vlahos will come under intense scrutiny during parliamentary question time today and the Minister needs to start giving answers.

“Time and again this year the Minister has missed Question Time, claimed that she can’t recall facts, or taken questions on notice.

“A repeat performance won’t be acceptable today.

“Almost a month after the State Government received the report and after three weeks of intense public scrutiny, she must know.

“Further stalling answers will not be acceptable to the residents, their families or to the South Australian community as a whole.

“Leesa Vlahos’ ministerial career is hanging by a thread.

“Her failure to investigate and rectify the appalling mistreatment of patients at Oakden has shone a light on the incompetence and lack of compassion of the Weatherill Labor Government.

“If the Premier won’t hold her to account, the Parliament of South Australia will and, next year the electors of South Australia will hold him and his Government to account.”