Patient records are not a dating tool

The latest revelations in the deepening patient records scandal leaves the Health Minister Jack Snelling no alternative but to establish a judicial inquiry into the matter.

“Reports that security guards at public hospitals have been using patient records as a dating tool is the final straw in this gross breach of public trust,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“Minister Snelling’s desperate attempts to reassure South Australians that breaches of patients records are isolated events is no longer credible.”

Minister Snelling has assured Parliament other agencies don’t have access to SA Health records.


Mr MARSHALL: What certainty has the minister that no other agencies have access to SA Health records? We have heard about potential breaches from people within SA Health. Do any other agencies have access to this information?

The Hon. J.J. SNELLING: No, I am almost certain that that's not the case … The only people in SA Health who have access to medical records are clinicians who have reason to. Other people don't, going right up to the CE of the department.

“Whereas the fact of the matter is that private security guards have gained access to sensitive patient information,” said Mr Wade.

“In a further blow to the Health Minister’s battered credibility yesterday SA Health released an update on patient confidentiality that omits to mention health worker’s obligations under the State Records Act.

“This inexplicable omission comes despite the Chief Medical Officer specifically recommending that health employees be made aware of their obligation under the State Records Act.

“In the recent past, we have had clinicians accessing private medical records, hospital management tampering with patient records and chemotherapy patients receiving the wrong treatment as a result of corrupted patient protocols.

“The Weatherill Government needs to confront the fact that the culture, governance and management of patient records in South Australia is woefully inadequate.”