Public patients placed in private hospitals

The State Liberals are calling on the Health Minister Jack Snelling to reveal the cost of his plan to use private hospitals to treat public patients during the up-coming move to the nRAH.

“One of the little known aspects of the Health Minister’s plan for moving into the nRAH is to transfer patients to private hospitals during the ramp down at the old RAH site,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“How many patients will be transferred to private hospitals, what type of treatment will be provided by private hospitals and where is the budget for this activity?

“The cost of treating public patients in private hospitals is on top of the $730 million blow-out in the cost of the $2.43 billion nRAH.

“Like many other components of the nRAH move the Weatherill Government hasn’t detailed how much this strategy will cost or where the money is coming from.

“Even as South Australian taxpayers begin handing over $1 million a day for an empty hospital modifications are continuing. Taxpayers will foot the bill for those modifications.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling is fond of claiming the 14 month delay in the completion of the nRAH has saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Not having to pay for something you haven’t received isn’t a savings, it’s a missed opportunity.

“the fact is on the Weatherill Government’s own figures South Australia could have paid for a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital for the cost of the overrun on the nRAH.

“In October 2013 Jay Weatherill promised a new $600 million Women’s and Children’s Hospital within a decade.

“Almost four years later this promise looks like a mirage.

“Has the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital been abandoned because of the cost blow-out on the nRAH?