Relying on the Repat

As Adelaide’s hospital network is engulfed by crisis, the State Liberals have renewed their call for the Health Minister Jack Snelling to pause the planned closure of wards at the Repat.

“Closing the Repat whilst the flu continues to rage across Adelaide would be reckless and dangerous,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“Taking another 230 beds out of Adelaide’s public hospital network at the very moment patients are left waiting for hours for treatment in emergency departments would represent an unacceptable increase in the risks to patients.

“Jack Snelling needs to stop taking unnecessary risks with patient safety ensure the Repat is kept open until the crisis in out hospital system has completely passed.

“Jack Snelling insisted on opening the new Royal Adelaide Hospital at the peak of the flu season despite previously ruling out a move at that time as foolhardy and dangerous.

“Having created this current crisis to accommodate a political timetable for the opening of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital Jack Snelling needs to act decisively to avoid prolonging and deepening the crisis.”

The Weatherill Government said it was planning for a peak in July and a dip in August, September, and then another peak in October/November.” [1]

“If the Government’s clinical advice is that there is another peak in October and November, why would they countenance closing the Repat at that time,” Mr Wade said.

“The only reasons to close the Repat now are political.

“There are also extremely good clinical reasons for keeping it open. It’s time the Weatherill Government put patient safety first.”

[1] ABC TV News, 8 May 2017