SA’s Health budget under scrutiny at Budget Estimates

The Weatherill Labor Government’s disastrous financial mismanagement of Health will be under the spotlight at Budget Estimates today - the nRAH, Transforming Health and EPAS.

alth“Jack Snelling will be grilled as to whether Transforming Health has been dropped in name only,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“Up to this point, Minister Snelling has pointedly and repeatedly refused to commit to the full restoration of cardiac services at TQEH that the Premier promised.

“Should he fail to commit today to the full restoration of TQEH cardiac services, then the South Australian public will have all the proof they need that the Weatherill Government is trying to trick them in the lead up to the election.”

Scrutiny of the health budget follows revelations that Transforming Health’s most vocal advocate, Professor Dorothy Keefe, has openly slammed the recently announced changes to plans for TQEH cardiac services as a political decision ahead of the state election.

“Labor’s cost blowouts to the nRAH and the stalled implementation of EPAS will also come under scrutiny,” said Mr Wade.

“With the official opening of the nRAH just around the corner it’s time for a full reconciliation of just how much South Australians are paying for it.

“South Australians will get the opportunity to judge this Government in March 2018, but in the meantime, the State Liberals will hold the Weatherill Government to account for its budgetary mismanagement of the Health portfolio.”

What: Budget Estimates – Minister Snelling (Health)

When: 9:00am – 11:15am

Where: House of Assembly Chamber