Spin doctors won’t help ED patients

The Weatherill Labor Government's latest advertising splurge is more about trying to camouflage thirteen years of Labor mismanagement than providing useful information to the community.

Only weeks after a $3 million advertising blitz on Transforming Health concluded, the State Government has decided to spend more taxpayers' money on an advertising campaign designed to mask its inability to manage frontline health services.

"The Government's action has highlighted an uncomfortable truth,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“Minister Snelling has effectively admitted Adelaide’s emergency departments aren't coping.

“If the system can’t cope now, how in the world will it cope when the Government downgrades the QEH, Modbury and Noarlunga Emergency Departments and closes the Repat Hospital?

“It's four years since Labor promised to stop ambulance ramping at Flinders Medical Centre - instead the situation has got worse and ramping has spread to other hospitals.

“After 13 years of Labor, our Emergency Departments can't even cope with seasonal spikes in demand.

“In fact the Health Minister's comments highlight just how few extra patients are needed to produce widespread ramping.

Minister Snelling yesterday stated:

“Between June and August in 2014 our metropolitan emergency departments saw more than 2500 additional patients than the year before.” (Snelling Media Release 10/06/15)

“That equates to just 5 additional patients per Emergency Department, per day,” said Mr Wade.

“I also note that the Minister is planning to use “peri-urban and country hospitals to provide extra hospital capacity for patients requiring longer periods of recuperation following their surgery or treatment.” (Snelling Media Release 10/06/15)

“This is the same Minister who is closing the 255 bed Repatriation General Hospital that is ideally designed for such a purpose and within reach of public transport."