Urgent action on safety needed after wake-up call

A SA Health report has shown that, under Jack Snelling, SA Health’s leadership failed to protect patient safety, denied the problems and now lacks a sense of urgency in fixing them.

Snelling’s Freudian slip on Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Health Minister Jack Snelling’s refusal to commit co-locating a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital with the new Royal Adelaide hospital is a sure sign the Weatherill Government is planning to break its promise to build a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

New data shows three major hospitals have gone backwards when it comes to treating emergency patients

New data shows three major hospitals have gone backwards when it comes to treating emergency patients

Adelaide Emergency Departments Flatlining

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data shows patients wait longer in Adelaide’s Emergency Departments than in comparable hospitals around the country and that in the critical urgent category waiting times got longer in the QEH, Women’s and Children’s and Flinders.

Transforming Health by budget cuts

Today’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report into elective surgery in South Australia’s public hospital system has laid bare the real agenda of the Weatherill Government’s controversial Transforming Health program.

nRAH misses 3rd opening date

Today, the becalmed new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) project has missed yet another scheduled opening day with the passing of December 1st, the opening date built in to the 2016-17 State Budget.

nRAH legal quagmire

The State Liberals are concerned at the potential risks to taxpayers from the rising tide of litigation engulfing the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH).

Liberals support calls to deploy new weapons against HIV

The State Liberals are backing calls for PrEP, a new weapon against HIV, to be made available to South Australians and accuse the Weatherill Labor Government of dragging the chain on the issue.

Time to end blackout on Flinders generator failure

The State Liberals are calling on the Health Minister Jack Snelling to release the report into the failure of the back-up generator at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) during the state-wide blackout on the 28th of September.

Glenside is the wrong place for Ward 17

The State Liberals have re-affirmed their opposition to moving the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Unit for Veterans from the General Repatriation Hospital at Daw Park to Glenside.