Time to account the cost of nRAH

With the State Government taking possession of the nRAH today the State Liberals are demanding the Health Minister Jack Snelling reveals the total cost of the project to South Australian taxpayers.

“With commercial acceptance of the nRAH South Australians will start handing over a million dollars a day for a hospital that will stand empty until at least the 5th of September,” said Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“The additional $90 million that South Australians will pay for an empty hospital pushes the total cost overrun on the nRAH to at least $730 million and counting.

“At the moment the publicly known cost of the nRAH stands at $2.434 billion before the price of final modifications are included.

“These modifications may result in significant additional costs.

“On the Weatherill Government’s own figures South Australia could have paid for a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital for the cost of the overrun on the nRAH.

“In October 2013 Jay Weatherill promised a new $600 million Women’s and Children’s Hospital within a decade.

“Almost four years later this promise looks like a mirage.

“Has the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital been abandoned because of the cost blow-out on the nRAH?