Urgent review to secure the power to the Royal Adelaide Hospital

The State Liberal team says that the Weatherill Government’s shifting and incomplete explanations for the power outage at the Royal Adelaide Hospital cries out for an urgent and independent review.

The State Liberals today called for the Independent Certifier, Donald Cant Watts Corke, to be called in to identify what led to the power outage on Wednesday and what needs to be done to make sure that the hospital is safe.

Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade, said that the certifier was ideally placed to undertake the review – they know the contract, the hospital and the systems backwards.

“They were intimately involved in scrutinising the project up to the handover of the hospital last June,” said Mr Wade.

“They should be able to step back in and quickly identify the factors that led to the failure.”

“Clearly, Wednesday’s power outage relates to a range of factors.  The hospital was designed a dual redundancy hospital.  It is not credible that it lost power because one generator ran out of fuel.

Some key questions that need to be answered include:

  • How did a dual redundancy hospital lose power?
  • Should the other 5 generators have kicked in?
  • Why wasn’t the hospital switched back to mains straight away?
  • Were all the 500 defects found in the original testing rectified?
  • Have the maintenance and testing regimes required under the contract complied with?
  • Were contract staff appropriately trained in accordance with the contract?

Mr Wade said “South Australians will be paying $11 billion under this contract.  We need to get it back on track.”


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