Ward 17 cuts latest attack on veterans’ health

The Weatherill Labor Government has been caught out reducing the services promised to veterans suffering mental health issues when the Repats’ Ward 17 is moved to a new site at Glenside.

First day on the job Mental Health Minister Vlahos released the designs for the new Ward 17 but failed to inform the community that health services were being downgraded as compared with the services currently provided at the Repat.

"This is a broken promise within a broken promise and veterans are again the losers,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

"First this Labor Government was never ever going to sell the Repat then it was going to provide as good if not better facilities for Ward 17 at Glenside.

“Both these promises have now been broken.

"Now we learn that the new ward lacks key medical services available at Daw Park which will make it even harder for a Glenside unit to admit patients with more than one health issue.

"This was a budget driven decision - you don't hold urgent meetings two days before an announcement to check that you haven't got too much clinical services or that the gym is too big.

"It is not credible for the Weatherill Government to assert that clinicians are arguing to reduce services which are provided in the current Ward 17 and which were already in the new plans.

“Once again Transforming Health has been exposed as a cost cutting exercise that will be at the expense of patient care."